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CMX16GX3M4A1600C9 + Asus P8P67 Pro problems


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I wish my first post wasn't a "problem-type" one, but that's life :(:


So here is the story :


I finished building my PC on Friday. Since I've done similar "jobs" countless of times it went pretty smooth. Just took me some time to hide all the bl**dy cables and ... mission accomplished.


First boot - no problems at all. Memory & drives recognized correctly.


! Note here - I am using :

Memory : 16GB Corsair XMS3 kit 4x4GB (CMX16GX3M4A1600C9)

Motherboard : ASUS P8P67 Pro (BIOS ver 1704)

CPU : Intel Core i5 2500K

PSU : Seasonic SS-660KM


After that, I installed Win7 on a new SSD (Corsair again :))

That went pretty quick too (boy - what a difference to a standard HDD !) and ... everything seemed to be just fine.


Then I had to switch my monitor input to check something on the old machine and when I switched it back again it looked like the new PC had gone to sleep ("Switching to standby" as my monitor said).


Obviously I could not wake it up in any way and from that moment I could not get in to the BIOS again + Memory LED on M/B flashed red continuously.


Tried the MemOK! test procedure (as per manual) but with no luck.


Then tried to isolate the problem and checked every memory stick individually. Managed to get 3 of 4 working fine but when tried the last stick (in every memory slot) - it didn't work at all (red light on Mem LED again, no access to BIOS etc.)


It looks to me like 1 of 4 sticks is clearly dead, but ... why did it work flawlessly first time ?


Also - what do you suggest to do know ? Ask for a whole kit replacement or just that single stick ? (I'd rather go for a whole kit of course)


Another option I might consider is to swap my XMS 3 memory for Vengeance LP. Any advice on that ?


Your help is much appreciated

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NP and thank you for letting us know, and I am sorry but our hours are Monday Through Friday 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Pacific Time Monday Through Friday excluding Holidays. You first Post was on Sunday and I am sorry but it can sometimes take a few days to get caught up after the weekend!
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No worries at all :)


You probably know that feeling, when a new component of a new system is not working as it should and you'd like to really know why (and you'd like to know it straight away).


While I can understand some memory modules may be defective straight out of the box it is somewhat strange to me it worked fine for some time (while installing W7, drivers etc.). Then - suddenly it just ... died. Weird !


Anyway ...


Still have to run Memtest on new modules just to be 100% sure about them (I am bit over-sensitive about the system stability etc.)


Also - when playing with my case fans (or I should rather say - switching them off to minimize the noise) I realized that radiators on my new memory were stinking hot ! (wasn't gaming or anything - just normal Windows use + playing some movies maybe).


Didn't check the temp properly, but I'd say it was ~70degC.


Is there a safe max temperature the modules can withstand without any serious problems ?


I'm probably getting a new Noctua NH-C14 cooler to replace the Intel stock one (and also cool the memory sticks down) but was wondering about the "safe limit".

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Garvin - while your point is perfectly valid I believe it is more to do with the airflow in my case.


As I mentioned before I essentially switched off all other fans except the one on CPU and one on GPU (both running at lowest possible settings). On top of that my PSU works most of the time in "fan-less" mode so you get the whole picture now.


When I turned extra two on (top + back of the case) it pretty much cooled everything down to acceptable level (IMO).


Yesterday I also ran a MemTest for about 3hours and it came out 100% OK. Checked RAM modules, which were only slightly warm - just like any other mobo parts. Guess when I replace the stock cooler things can only get better :)


May post some pics when I finish with it.

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I still would be suspicious of the voltage regulation on the MB. There is no way those modules should be anything but warm when you are just in windows. Fans or not.

They are not a high voltage module and not overclcoked. So there is no reason for them to be HOT. May be something you would want to keep a good eye on.

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