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FW v1.3.2 BSOD and SSD disappear problem


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Today I have upgraded my SSDs to v1.3.2 and I already got BSOD twice. After computer reboots RAID card don't see one of my SSD and can't boot the system due to absent disk. I have to power off the PC to fix the problem.


Any ideas?

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Keep us informed!

I have a 120gb force 3 gt with the same issue, with FW 1.3.2

So, maybe an update to 1.3.3 and a secure erase could help,

but I would hate to reinstall the world..


same here, but with FW1.3

forceGT 120GB


I would REALLY hate to install everything again :evil:


Is 1.3.3 known for making this issues go away, or it would be just a shot in the dark?

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