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PC has been switched off for over 1 week. On startup the PC failed to get to the Post screen. I cleared the CMOS and booted to Post Screen ok, but PC failed to boot to win7. On restart PC failed to boot to Post screen again. CLeared CMOS and set AI Tweeker DRAM Frequency to 1066mhz and 800mhz, PC will then boot to win7 but hangs.

I've run the Memory Checker and get the following results -


Memtest86 V4.10

Intel Core 2 2934MHz

L1 Cache: 32k 41317 MB/s

L2 Cache: 3072K 19173 MB/s

L3 Cache: None

Memory: 4095M


328K e820


Obviously something to do with the memory settings in the BIOS but have experimented with a few and takes a while to clear CMOS, has anyone got any idea what to put in to ensure it runs as it had previously?



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