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Corsair Force GT 60 GB disappear ?


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Hello everyone,


Im new here on this forum. But I got a problem with my SSD Corsair Force GT drive.


When I'm working in Windows, my hole Windows crash, just like you unplug the SATA connector from the SSD while working in Windows :(:. Sometimes the SSD works 1 month OK, and at the other moment it just works for a few days.


When I reset the computer, my motherboard can't find the SSD. The SSD is also not available in the bios. When I shut down my PSU, and turn it back on... Tada, my motherboard found the SSD and will boot Windows 100% fine.


I already replaced the SATA cable, the bios from my motherboard is up-to-date. And I installed the newest AHCI drivers.


So what is wrong with my drive :(: ? Do I need to flash the drive or something ? I'm currently running on Firmware 1.2.


Hope that you guys can help me out :D !


PS: When my Windows is crashing, my hard disk LED is blinking continuous.

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