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Corsair Force F60GB2 Running REALLY HOT (~60C)


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I have a problem, HD Tune pro is reporting a really hot corsair force 2 F60 drive. And don't tell me it's a false reading, because my hands can feel it too, my laptop is so hot (where the disk is) that i'm almost burning myself.


What can i do to solve this?


Firmware is 2.1b (it's the exact same firmware as when i bought it 7months ago.)


Free space: ~24GB

Work time: 4780hours (6months 19 days 4hours)

Powered on: 30times


Trim enabled, health is 100% according to SSD Life.


Problem is, it's never been running this hot, usually it's been around 45 to 50C, so seeing it going to 60 is a concern, especially as the SSD is located where you rest your hand on the laptop (Dell Latitude E5400).


Running windows 7 btw.



Thanks for any insight or help you guys can give me!

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Thank you but you're getting me wrong, that is not a solution to my problem. You're not supposed to get one of those coolers especially since one even don't play game or do anything that requires any power from the laptop.


It's been running below 50C over a period of 6months until the week that has gone through. And i'm not barely using the SSD to write or read files from/to. I mean, feels like there is alot of activity going on with the SSD even though i'm not doing anything with it besides running windows on it, maybe someone would know what's happening to make it run this hot. The fan and heatsink inside my latitude are all clean and nice as i usually take it apart ever 3months to take out dust that builds up..


Thanks anyways man, i appreciate your time to answer!

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The SSD is not actually 60C. Also don't think it has a temperature sensor.





No? Then why is it really hot where the SSD is?


The temp has pretty much been spot on when i've meassured with my IR-tempgun, so i doubt that the temp shown is just an illusion.. So either my laptop has a temp sensor mounted around the SSD or the SSD is reporting correct temp.


What i think you're saying is that for those who has an SSD that reports temp over 100C is false, which is very obvious.. or around 0C... But seeing as my temps are around normal temps otherwise, i can't see why it wouldn't be a true value! I've only seen F40 and F80 drives that been without temp sensors, i have an F60 drive.

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I just turned my laptop off, removed the cover and then i also removed the fan, i noticed that somehow dust had somehow gotten stuck in an odd place that blocked the air from coming straight into the vent. the layer of dust was so thinn but yet so fine, that i haven't seen it ever before! I do wonder how such thinn dust can block the air so much.. hehe.. logic tells me that it would just keep on going into the laptop and lay down inside..


I guess i got lucky that i noticed it, so now, i think i have solved it, now the SSD is reporting 44C while trying HD Tune benchmark (i usually never benchmark my drive so i guess if it stays at the temp with it running everything is fine), which is like it should be, the funny thing is, the dust seems to have built up just within a day because the temps where just like they are now, before it happened just like that! Hehe..


Thanks for the question about the cpu, if you haven't asked me i wouldn't even have opened it up again, i guess i should clean it more frequently than every 3months.. Now it feels normal ("cold") where the SSD is placed :) Now i'm happy!


Thanks again!

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