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Is my H100 working?


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I recently bought a H100 and installed it on my rig. After spending a few days monitoring idle temps and general cooling performance - I've found that it doesn't seem to 'work.'


I have batch number 11369403 - so one that's probably out of scope for the ones with issues at the moment. Right now, if I press the profile switch on the cooler, I do not see any fan noise/speed changes. The lights change and such - but the top fan exhaust fan noise does not drop or increase.


My idle temperatures at 2.8 GHz are around 38-43 degrees Celsius. On load - these can go as high as 70 degrees.


I'm also using AS5 as my thermal compound.

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Are you using the stock corsair fans with 4 pin connectors plugged into pump unit? Also are you able to actually read the rpm of fans as maybe you have such good fans that noise doesn't increase very much at higher speeds.

You could temporarily plug the fans directly into the motherboard CPU_fan socket ( remove the plug coming from pump that is there to supply fan speed readings) and see if there are any speed changes when controlled by Bios.

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Yes, I am using the stock Corsair fans with the 4pin connectors plugged into the waterblock.


I'm using CPUID Hardware Monitor Pro to monitor my temperatures.


FANIN0 (I presume is CPU Fan) is at 2000-2200 RPM which I believe is actually the "flow" of coolant. - this value also never deviates much from the above values regardless of profile setting.

FANIN1 = 500-600 RPM

FANIN2 = 900-1000 RPM


That's all it shows.


I'm using the 800D chassis with the supplied fans as well.


1 x 120MM stock fan; bottom intake

1 x 120MM stock fan; HDD bay cooling

1 x 140MM stock fan; rear exhaust.


I re-applied the AS5 this afternoon - I'm getting idle temps of around 26-31.5 degrees Celsius.


Fans seem to be quiet as usual.

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Looks like your H100 is working fine to me. Pump speed is right, ~2000 RPM. Pump speed is constant, it does not vary with temperature, only the fan's speed does. Idle temps are very good. Since the H100's fans are not connected to the mother board, you can't see their speed, but that is not essential. The fan speeds you see are whatever fans are connected to the mother board.
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