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Extremely disappointed with my 600T


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I recently purchased a Corsair 600T with mesh side panel

My radiator didn't quite fit at the top but what ever a little ingenuity no big deal.


But after a week its just little things


The front fan whines so annoyingly and the only way to fix it is to put a piece of paper towel on the center of the fan.


Then after some testing the top filter actually traps heat and if i dont take it off my water heats up after 15-20mins of heavy gaming with it off its fine but it looks ugly.


My fan controller barely works it only moves the fans at the last 80% of the knob.


I just dont feel like i got what i paid for.


I expected better from Corsair

Guess ill call them on monday see what they have to say if not ill just return it to amazon.

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You're right about the fan controller but you may get the same terrific results that I got by putting the 200mm top exhaust back in, re-installing the top filter and installing the fans and radiator against the hard drive cages...see: "Corsair H100 Install in 600T case" via yt...
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