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SSD-Move from Marvel 6gb or Leave Them

Hipster Doofus

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Recently got myself two Force Series 3 120gb drives. The idea was to array them in raid0.


Plugged them into my boards SATA 6Gb ports & had nothing but trouble. Have since found out the board does not support raid on 6gb. :bigeyes: :roll:


Again have since found out that the Marvell controllers are rubbish.


As of now they are installed on the SATA 6Gb as C & D drive. Both are working perfectly.


Three questions.


1/ Just want to know if it is worth the hassle of plugging them into SATA 3 ports? (Intel)


2/ If I then enable raid will I have to reload Windows?


3/ What if I plugged them into SATA 3 & left them as C & D drive? Would that work or is a format in order?


According to AS SSD I'm getting around 200mb read & 130mb write. Figures in HD Tune are around 350 & 250.


Would I even notice any difference? It's a home desktop for video editing.

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