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CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9 Only 8 GB showing on GA-P55-UD6


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I have a Gigabyte P55-UD6 motherboard and have installed the above module but only 8G is usable. All 16G is seen but only 8GB is actually enabled by the BIOS. I have tried all manner of things form starting with 8GB enbaling XMP and then adding the other through to tweaking voltages manually but all to no avail.


Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong here? The memory is supposed to be compatible, I have ried all the combinations of slots suggested by the Gigabyte manual. All the modules individually are working

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I have been experimenting further today.

I started by removing all the Corsair RAM and replacing it with the previous 8GB ******** Value RAM (4x2GB)


This gave the expected 8GB and looked as follows in the bios summary page



I removed the 2G dimms from the White socket and inserted 4G Dimms in their place (The P55-UD6 has 3 sockets per channel, 1 white, 2 blue, the white must be populated in all configurations)


12GB was detected and Win 7 ran up. I cannot be certain it would be stable of course, we have two very different specifications of RAM in, however it has demonstrated that 4G is working in the white in a 4 dimm configuration

This is shown in image 2



Next step was to switch the banks around. 2G valueram in the white slots, vengeance in the same 2 blue slots

This is show in image 3 and was also absolutely as expected.



Next I switched the remaining 2G pair of Dimms out for the other 4G dimms.

The result was an immediate drop in available memory.

As you can see form the summary page image, the BIOS seems in a state of confusion. I can find little to no documentation on the "enabled slot" display. but clearly it should be aligned to the DIMM as per the previous images.



Finally, I dropped out two of the 4G and started with just a pari of 4G Dimms

This worked perfectly and was repeated for all 4 DIMMS



This makes no sense to me at all. Any advice most welcomed.






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