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TX750W V2 - constant and "loud" noise


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Hi there,


I built a new system a month ago with the specs linked to my account here and the power supply mentioned in the title. However, the power supply seems to be the loudest component i have right now... which i am finding a bit strange.


its quite adible from several meters distance, allthough the r3 has a pretty solid sound isolation its still no match for the noise from the power supply. So, i guess my question is if it could be normal because the rest of my components have been picked carefully to be as quiet as possible that the power supply is doomed to be the most audible part or if its a defect?


another thing which seems strange is that there is no change in the pace of the fan, it seems to be operating at the same "loudish" level from startup to shutdown.


In the end i just wanna say that its a very nice unit and there is no annoying or high pitch sounds from it but i do find it strange that the PSU would outdo every other components by such a margin with its constant fan noise level.

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It sounds like your PS' fan is running at full speed all the time, which it should not be doing.


I have a very similar system to yours, except for the video card, with a 660 Watt PS. My PS is of the type that will not run the fan until the PS reaches a certain temperature. I've been surprised to see that even when stress testing my CPU, which is at 4.6GHz, the fan on the PS still does not come on.


My point is that these new Sandy Bridge CPU and mother board PCs don't use very much power. So unless your video card is constantly over clocked, and pulling 250+ Watts at all times, there is no reason for your PS' fan to be running at full speed.


Better RMA that one.

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Well, im really glad to hear that its not supposed to be like that... although it sucks ill have to RMA it seeing that i need my computer to be up and running and have no backup so i just wanted to be sure before RMA'ing and prolly losing my computer for several weeks :/


and my video card is nothing but factory OC'd and its running both quiet and cool, but i guess ill try running the psu without the video card connected then.


EDIT: Its the exact same with the video card not even installed.

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