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H100 rattling and poor performance.


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have just bought this in the UK today and the pump is making a strange rattling noise. Never happened on my H50. its intermittent, eg starts and stops.


Also, performance is worse than on my H50. CPU temps shoot up to 60C when the H50 was down at 50 for same circumstances.


CPU = Q9650


Board = P5Q Deluxe.


Corsair HX850 CPU


I've took a photo of the seating, similar to a problem another guy had.




Rotating the block didn't make it clear the caps.


Am I stuck?

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You might be stuck, it does not look good in that picture. Be very careful when tightening down the pump, since it is possible that the capacitors might be dented from the pump pressing down on them. There seems to be a few socket 775 boards like yours that have this issue. As you know, the H50's pump is smaller than the H100's, which is why it clears those parts.


Since the H100's pump is more square than rectangular, you likely won't have much extra room rotating the pump. Your board may be one of those that is not compatible with the H60, H80, and H100 pumps. Besides rotating the pump, there is nothing else you can do, sorry to say.

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You may need to RMA that one. But you could try the following, FWIW.


The H100's pump is composed of two pieces, the lower portion is the pump itself, and above it is the fan controlling unit. The upper portion may be loose and is causing the rattling you have. While the PC is running, try pressing on the top of the pump assembly gently to see if that is the case. Gently turning or twisting the upper portion slightly might also stop the vibration, but that might be temporary.


Given the issue you have with the pump touching parts around the CPU, it may be possible that the pump assembly is not really tight against the CPU, or is still contacting things around the CPU, causing the rattling noise.

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