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1000HX Power rail inconsistencies


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Hey there, 1st I'll admit that Im not sure what these levels were before I started having a problem.. I just noticed them since Im troubleshooting what I believe to be an unrelated issue.


My power is being listed as 2.84V(on the 3.3v rail) and 6.10V(on the 5V rail) and 11.77(on the 12V rail)


Since I've started having the issue of my graphics card crashing (which I believe is the PCI slot at this point) I've noticed the 3.3V rail drop all the way down to 2.71V and remain there. I know older PSU's got the 3.3V rail by regulating a 5.5V Rail but not sure if this one does.. or if that process being bad would create this problem.


Is this something I should be worried about?




Current System:

(edit - Added to system specs above)

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How are you checking the voltages, in the BIOS or with a program? Programs are usually not very accurate, BIOS is better, but the best way is with a volt meter, which everyone has in their back pocket, right? ;): You could try different programs to check the voltages, and see how consistent they are in their readings.


Even with inaccurate program or BIOS readings, some of your values are way off. IMO, more out of spec than can be attributed to inaccurate programs. The ATX PS standard is +/- 5% for the 3.3V, 5V, and 12V rails. So the ranges would be:


3.3V: 3.135V - 3.465V, 5V: 4.75V - 5.25V, 12V: 11.40V - 12.4V


Your 12V @ 11.7V is a bit low, but within spec. The 3.3V @ 2.84V - 2.71V is rather low, about 15% to low. The 5V @ 6.10V is very high, over 20% to high. So your 3.3V and 5V rails are out of spec by more than just inaccuracies in readings, IMO. None of the PSs I have (many Corsairs) have any voltages out of spec. It is not common for PSs to be that much out of spec, particularly a Corsair HX-series PS.


A graphics card uses 12V power only. Recently, it is common in PS' to derive the 3.3V and 5V rails from the 12V rail. Given your PC's components, it can be very power hungry, but you have a 1000W PS, so you are prepared. Your PC components are not the problem here. You didn't mention what kind of drives you use in that PC, but if you have a SSD, which only use 5V power, I would not want 6V into my SSD.


I imagine Corsair will offer to RMA it for you, and you should.

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Just an update. I requested an RMA with the information listed here and without a response they instantly issued an RMA. Of which Ive sent, Corsair recieved on the 26th of October and no update since then. Calling them today.


Hard Drives are updated, added to system spec's above, and thanks very much for the help!!

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you should do what i did, invest in a cheap multimeter and check the rails with it to be 100% sure that bios/software readings are anywhere near accurate, i was worried about the voltages showing in my bios and software, but as soon as i bought myself a multimeter and checked them at post, load and idle i found that the software and bios readings happened to be way off, if your readings are still worrying you when you get your replacement, give a meter a try :)
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