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Luminous Panel in 800d

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I think that's a really nice gaussian blur filter.


I kid.


It looks great - did you use CCFLs to backlight it? I'm tempted to look for some deaded LCD screens down at the dump and pull them apart for the diffuser layers.


It was a bitch to photograph with my little point and shoot :P, and they're LEDs actually! I originally tried EL panels, but their white light will turn kind of a salmon color if you cover it with white acrylic.


It works like this..



I had a clear acrylic sheet laser etched. It really helps to diffuse the light significantly.





You'll sandwich the engraved, clear acrylic between the two sheets of white acrylic (bottom reflects the light up). Alternatively, you can always just use white paper on the bottom and it works just fine. You'll obviously want to use a longer LED strip--this is just to serve as a reference.



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I think that's a really nice gaussian blur filter.


Better picture. :) Cabling needs some cleaning up still.





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That looks really fantastic. The light is so well spread across that entire panel.


Are you going to light the upper half in any way?


I could certainly create something similar in the 5 1/4" bays.






Not sure how I feel about it. Maybe it'll grow on me.

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