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BSOD Pointing towards SSD


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Hi All


well I have one of the Force 3 drives for about two months first time using an SSD and during this time my machine appears to have multiple blue screens.


its just seems to lock up then blue screens apon reviewing the dumps its always pointing towards WINIT.EXE process which when you talk to the guys on windows 7 forums they seem to feel its hardware.


so I have run my memtest on it came up clean ran malware and all other scans which also come up clean run chkdisk and again does not pick up any errors.


The guys who reviwed my dumps now feel this is an issus with SSD I know some of them were recalled but mine was not on this list.


I am now in the process of trying to run a repair on the drive as appears the machines has just had a bad failure all from pluggin in a set of RAZOR head phones but this time the error was related to the USB 3 drivers.


I am getting to the point where I might apply the 1.3.2 update on my SSD and just rebuild the system but this is becoming one BIG pain in the *** I am not overly impressed with the stability of the drives and from what other forums say its all pointing towards the SSD.


so my question is what fixes does firmware 1.3.2 address ? am I doing the right thing ? will this damage the drive further ?


This has been one of the most unstable systems since it was built.




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The firmware updates are being developed to try and any remedy problems the drive may have, so, yes, it seems like a completely natural step in your troubleshooting process to update the firmware.


I'm afraid the changes in the latest firmware update are unavailable due to NDA as per this post: http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=99366


Do all your problems go away if you run your system on a mechanical HDD?

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Hey Fol


I dont know I havent tried but I am getting to this point its now attempting to do a repair on start up but I think I might blow this away and reinstall Windows.


I do know others at work who have had SSDs and soon as they went back to SATA all problems go away.


I been building systems for years and pretty much stuck to the same brands and this is the most amount of issues I have had with a machine.


The only thing new is the SSD and as others have said when looking at the dumps its hardware and memorey and other things have come up clean.


I might just ask for a refund and put in a convential drive seriously the SSD manufactuers need to sort of this stuff because its just not worth the money.

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Last night I plugged some headphones into the machine and it bluescreened which is pretty bad.


How do you connect that to the SSD? That makes no sense to me.


I have SSDs on four PCs, never had a problem with any of them, over a period of almost two years. I have multiple SSDs on two PCs. They've been among the most trouble free components I've ever used, not to mention doing their job, providing extremely fast I/O.


Your experience is a shame, but does not indicate the state of SSDs. I'm still waiting for my first SSD to fail, which is far more than I can say for HDDs. I can't imagine using a PC with a HDD as the OS/System drive anymore.


Don't give up on SSDs, something else is the problem, then you'll know what I mean.

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well what do you mean connect ?


I have already taken the drive out rebuilt windows now and since doing this no more blue screens so far and ill monitor this over the next few days but I am wiling to bet I wont have any isssues now.


SSD are a pile of rubbish for the money this one has been nothing but issues since day one so why would I NOT give up on them ?


for the money Corrsair charges for they should work a lot better than they do. The first posts I saw on this forum were recalls and that as a customer does not make me feel good.

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I have also added my windows dumps up to windows 7 forums the guys that have reviewed them on here have all said that the SSD is the issue.


I tend to agree with them having been in this industry for 15 years I have pretty much stuck to the same hardare and never had this amount of problems before.


while I agree the speeds of SSD are good the stability is crap.

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