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Hey guys,

I'm new to the forums here, so take it easy on me.

I currently own a competitors ssd, and it highly suffers from the continuing problem of BSOD errors, and everything that has been described as the problem with the SF-2281 controller.

With that said, I want to purchase two Corsair Force Series 3 120GB SSD's. I would go GT, but I think the only difference is async and sync, which to someone like myself, wouldnt make much of a difference. Also I read that the layout is different, the amount of dies and the size of the chips etc.


I have read to watch out for the Corsair Force Series 3 120GB ssd's that begin with serial #1123 or lower, and if you have one, you RMA it, and try a firmware upgrade to v1.3 I believe? Correct me if im wrong.


A store nearby, has the Corsair Force Series 3 120GB ssd's on sale for $169.99, I was highly considering purchasing two and putting them in raid 0.

I contacted a sales rep, and they stated that the four numbers beginning on the serials are #1136 and #1137.

Is it safe to assume that those serial numbers have the updated firmware and will be good to go out of the box, with no need to upgrade the firmware? No BSOD's, etc?


Help me out if you know the answer.

Thanks in advance,


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If you're looking for guarantee's, you aren't going to find any.


I believe it's the general consensus that, albeit the SF drives reportedly CAN and DO work without a glitch on some systems, they seem more sensitive and error prone than other solutions.


Now, you've already had one drive giving you problems and I'd argue you aren't setting yourself up for success by exchanging it with others like it. Or maybe you are; as no one knows what exactly is wrong with these drives (or those who do aren't too fond of sharing it with the rest of the world), so it's really hard to give recommendations.


Give it some thought before you roll the dice...

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Thank you for your replys, Wired, FoLmEr and Toasted.

I really appreciate the advice and insight.


In my own personal experience, my Sabertooth P67 Mobo has:

- 4 sata 3.0gb/s (black) intel (2 optical drives, 2 1tb hdd)

- 2 sata 6.0gb/s (brown) intel (1 ssd, 1 sata to hotswapable bay up top)

- 2 sata 6.0gb/s (white) marvell

WHY NOT JUST 4 SATA 6.0GB/S INTEL? (beside the fact..)


The marvell controller has to be part of the problem for the BSOD error. I had my ssd hooked up to the marvell controller, and almost every time I would get a BSOD, the error would include "m91xx.sys" I think i might be missing a letter between the m and 9. I couldnt remember the proper spelling, sorry.

As soon as I moved the sata from the marvell to the intel controller, the problem hasnt totally gone away, but has been drastically reduced.


IF i get two ssd's, place them in Raid 0, it would have to be on the Intel 6.0gb/s controller slots. Which means my raid 0 for 2 1tb hdd would have to be moved from the 6.0 slots, to the 3.0 slots (to make room for the 2 ssd's), or be seperated from raid 0 and put on the marvell controller? (Am i correct, I'm new, this is my first computer build) I appreciate any help!


Also, thank you for the link to the Firmware 1.3.2 update. I'll definately be needing that if/when I purchase those two drives.



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If, you use the hot-swap bay a lot you may want to move one of your optical drives to the Marvell port.


- 4 sata 3.0gb/s (black) intel (1 optical drive, 2 1tb hdd, hot-swap bay)

- 2 sata 6.0gb/s (brown) intel (2 ssds)

- 2 sata 6.0gb/s (white) marvell ( 1 optical drive)

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