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650D 140MM Rear Fan


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Incorrectly assuming the extra holes by the rear fan were mean to mount a 140MM fan I went ahead and ordered a fancy 140MM noiseblocker to replace the original fan. OBviously I was unable to get it installed. It seems like it should fit if I just drilled some holes. Does anyone have experience in this? I am afraid of messing up my case. Does anyone have some advice?


Will there be little shrapnel everywhere? Is it not going to be flush at all? If it is going to be a huge problem and not worth it I might order a noctua that can better mount in this case but I think it would clash with everything else.



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I don't believe the case was designed for a 140 exhaust fan, however the Noctua NF-P14FLX 140MM fits quite nicely in there :)


Sorry to wake up an old thread but were you able to mount that Noctua 140mm fan without any modifications to your 650D?


I'm currently looking for a new rear exhaust fan myself for my 650D case and would be great if I could use a 140mm fan instead of a 120mm fan. Even better would be if I could find a suitable 140mm fan that also has PWM so I could control it using Corsair Link that comes with my new H100i.

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