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Ram Running too slow and Mainboard is reading it as 1333 Max when it should be 1600.


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Evrytime i'm trying to set me Dominator Memory to 1600 Mhz the system crash after like 5 minutes (or less).

And my Motherboard is reading the info from the ram as Maximum Bandwith as 1333mhz (this is in BIOS).

I got some printscreen's from my BIOS so you may could be able to understand the problem a bit more than i'm describing.

If there is a place i can upload/send them this may be a litle bit easier too understand.

I would appreciate any help/respons at all that can help me solve the problem.


I may have posted this under the wrong topic sorry about that if so.


Thanks in advance;)

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AMD and Intel are both basically the same when it comes to max supported frequency. They both run between 1066 and 1333mhz RAM. However Intel has their XMP technology that automatically overclocks the RAM to 1600, 1866, and so on.

It's just with AMD chips you have to manually overclock to hit those frequencies as they do not support the XMP profiles.. 1600mhz is pretty easily obtainable with a little studying and some googling even with your current CPU.


The only chip out that i know of that supports a higher frequency is the new AMD all in one chips that support 1866mhz natively. But you would have to fork out for a new MB as well if you went that route.

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A litle thing i forgot too mention was, my RAM should have these (XMP for Intel)

BEMP (Black Edition Memory Profiles) that should do the same thing as the XMP, but in AMD OverDrive.

I guess im not the only one having some problems about this : http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=80853


The reason for me buying these Memory Modules was that my retailer advertised with "FOR AMD PHENOM II"


Anyway i was looking around in amd overdrive and the "BEMP" selection was activated like i couldnt use it (not able to press anything)

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Yes i know, but I thought it would be a bit easier with when it said "For Amd Phenom II" :P

Anyway does anyone know if my Mainboard kinda blocks overdrive or seomthing, tried doing some digging around on google but couldnt find anything about that, just wondering if someone have some experience with the Sabertooth990FX from Asus?


Thanks for all the help and advices so far guys^^,

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So what you mean is that its much better for me to OC it manually in bios insted of careing anymore about the BEMP?:P

I guess its more stable if i do it on bios than using overdrive, like overclocking in Windows kinda doesnt sound right anyway:p

Thanks for the help;)

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