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I've bought two Gentle Typhoon 1850rpm fans and installed them to the built in fancontroller on the H80. These fans will only run at maximum speed even if I have the quiet or balanced profile on. I've tried resetting the fan controller to no success. Is it like this for everyone else??


And the "sticker" that displays the fan settings is loose, is this normal? Makes it feel really cheap. It's all crooked right now.


The thumb screws I received to mount the pump are completely flat so I cant tighten them with any screwdriver, only with my fingers, is this intended?


Have a nice day!

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Yes only use your fingers that is all that is needed and sorry about the label we changed to another make of label material to prevent that but there is no way to repalce it other than an RMA at this time sorry!
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And what about the fans, doesnt the built in fan controller work with other fans?


Not necessarily. The H80's fan controller is tuned for the Corsair fans, and fans that have different electrical characteristics will not function in the same way as the Corsair fans do.


The GT 1850 RPM fans are a perfect example of this. They are extremely efficient fans, they are rated to use less than 0.1 A of current at full speed, that's less than 1.2 Watts. Most fans use much more power than this, including the Corsairs. Also, the Corsair fans run up to 2500 RPM, so the power and speed specs are rather mismatched. I'm not surprised that the GT's run at full speed even at the Quiet setting of the H80.

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