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Wow. AX750


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Amazing, it's so quiet! I'm sitting here almost crying how silent it is.

I recently purchased a different 750W PSU from a different brand, not sure if it's allowed to say which brand so i'll leave that out for now, but the fan was a sleeve bearing one, and i first assumed it would be very silent, boy was i wrong.


After a day or so something happened that would seem as if the bearing had already broken, and it started to have a very faint rattle, but still "loud" enough to overlay my casefans, it was litteraly starting to drive me insane.


I lasted with that thing for about a month until i installed my brandnew Corsair AX750 just an hour ago and i'm simply boggled, this has got to be the best purchase i've ever done, seriously, im getting so emotional after all that rattling from the other psu that its almost making me cry -.-


I did put it under load a little bit and it does seem as i have a faint coil whine, which i read on forums (and youtube) that these psu's seem to have sometimes, but my videocard has it as well so i'm guessing it's just something that happens, it's not nearly as annoying or as obvious/loud as the rattle sound i had so i'm not bothered with it.


The build quality on this thing is absolutely superb as well and i finally have this feeling i'll have a psu that will last me quite awhile rather than needing to buy a new one everytime i upgrade my system.


Just wanted to post because i'm very happy! <3

Greetings from the land of chocolate (belgium)

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Sorry to hear that, mine seems to have survived the night at least. ;)

Hopefully your replacement will be better!


Just wanted to reply to say there's not even any coil whine, it's entirely my videocard thats making that noise (and only under load), so another plus for the AX.

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