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Need Help with Faulty memory


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Hi Everybody, i just find out that one module of my Dominator 2000GT is faulty. My windows showing only 4gig available instead of 6gig. i tried to boot my system with only one module to help identify a faulty part.

After this i went to Corsair tech support page for RMA claim and i stuck... i couldnt find my product number TR3X6G2000C8GT, what does it mean, is it out of prodaction and i cannot RMA my memory any more?

Need advice.

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U-boat it may not be a bad RAM stick. This is actually a very common problem with the x58 chipset MB's. I would try the suggestions on this page first



If after going through troubleshooting and they still do not show correctly, test each stick individually in the first slot with MEMTEST86= (link is on the left).

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