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VS512MB333 random POST memory test errors


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We have two VS512MB333 memory modules, one each installed in DIMM1 and DIMM2.


Memory is automatically configured by the BIOS/SPD.


Occasionally, like every dozen boots or so, the POST memory test will fail between 400 and 600meg or so. We get one long beep, followed by 3 short beeps. Which, according to the AMI BIOS beep codes, indicate conventional/extended memory failure.


The system will continue to boot - Windows XP will start up and report 488 meg of memory in "My Computer". A reboot will pass the POST memory test and bring the full complement of memory up - 1024meg.


The problem is not heat related as we've gotten the POST memory error when the machine was powered up after being off overnight.


We've run both Memtest and AMIDIAG extensively. Neither report any memory errors.


We can't reproduce the problem. It just happens at random intervals.

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