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Vengeance 1500 - No Software disc or software found on the website


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I recently just got the Vengeance 1500 headset and after plugging the headset into my machine, there is still no software to use with the headset. There was a leaflet inside the packaging saying “Download the software from http://www.corsair.com/vengeance1500. However, I’ve checked the website and there are no links to said software.


Please could you point me in the right direction of the Vengeance 1500 software so I can make full use of this awesome headset?






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Just my twopence Yellowbeard but when I looked at that page I assume that The Continue Reading referred to the article about the Vengence products announcement (as does the Continue link at the bottom of the page that takes you to the next page of the article).


All I'm saying is that it's not very clear to me anyway .

Should the drivers link simply be om the first page of the Vengeance 1500




Either at the top of the page OR in the


"Contents and Specifications" section at the bottom to eleviate any misunderstanding or fustration for new customers??

After all the drivers vital if the new owners want to know what their brand-spankingil new 1500's can do :-)


Seriously Please feel free to delete this post as I don't want to sound like I'm trying to tell Corsair their business.

Mean't with good intentions


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REMA i totally agree, the driver link to ANY Corsair product should be found easier than Waldo. even with the links in this thread i still had to hunt down a page 2 to find the link below. even the FAQ should have a link http://www.corsair.com/support/faq/vengeance-gaming/


maybe Wired can add the direct link to the sidebar to save users much aggravation in trying to find it? ;) driver links should not be in a blog post but in their own main section called "Downloads" but thats my .02




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I think the problem/inappropiate/difficult access to the drivers may have happened due to Corsair trying to get the drivers out ASAP in order to try and address the issues I and others are/have had with the HS1's .


However as we both agree it's probably time for them to link them from another page and to me the first page of the product, as they are vital to the features that the product offers, would seem a good place under

"Contents and Specifications" as I'd assume people would want to see thw specs and what they are getting.


Glad you got them anyway. How is the mic on them if you turn on voice monitoring (activated under windows) ?

Other than that how is the headset?

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oh i dont have the headset, im just being a consumer advocate. finding drivers on a manufacturers website should require 3 clicks or less IMHO and should be clearly categorized under its own drivers/support heading.

i will say though, whatever took the main site down for a couple days has surly made it 20x faster. thank goodness!!

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There were some rough spots as soon as the new drivers were released. I feel pretty lucky that I think I was one of the first people to grab them after YellowBeard put them up. But if you read his post here, and then mine, you see that I now look retarded. Lol. (Steps 1, 2, and 4 did not exist when I grabbed them.)


That is alright. He had to edit his post and I understand it, and I will not change mine since it would remove the process used to fix those rough spots.


Since my fix worked for me, and seems to have no ill effects despite being a different method than the one advised by Corsair I really think I need to remain looking retarded.

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  • Corsair Employees


I don't think that at all, you have proven to some that they work and you were just aggressive in getting them and got the driver for we had a chance to fully edit the directions!


So I don't think you have done anything wrong at all, in fact I want to thank you for taking the time to share what you have done with other forum users I know for a fact it has helped many others. No Worries!

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