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RMA Status : 1258918

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I recently purchased a Corsair PSU which sadly died on my the day after I purchased it. I then sought to return it to Corsair for a replacement.


Having been issued the RMA 8 days ago and sent it for delivery using ParcelForce a week ago, I have still not received any updates for my RMA!


Here is my current RMA status:


Thank you for choosing Corsair products! The following is the status of your RMA Number 1258918.

RMA Issued On: 10/5/2011

Defective Parts Received on: Defective Parts Not Yet Received

* NOTE: it may take up to 24 hours for this date to be updated after arrival at Corsair

Part Number Received: N/A

Quantity Received: N/A

RMA Replacement Parts Ship Date: N/A

Replacement Part Number: N/A

Replacement Part Quantity: N/A

Replacement Shipping Method: N/A

Replacement Shipping Tracking Number: N/A


Oddly, when I enter the RMA into the Case ID form, it says invalid Case ID, and I can only access the above information using the link they provided initially.


I did not have tracking on the parcel, but I sent it with Parcel Force who delivered within 3 days. I could not afford tracking, the delivery cost me £33.10 as it was!

I still have the receipt for proof of delivery from the post office if that helps in anyway.


If needs be, I can provide the link to my RMA case that I received from Cosair.





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  • Corsair Employees
I am sorry but you would need to contact our customer service with POD for them to process the request, I have sent them a message but if they shows its not received they will not go further it would be best for you to call them by phone. You can get the number under CONTACT on the main site. However, I did send them a message is about all I can do.
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Good news. a very helpful chap called Bien, who deserves a raise, helped out my case.


The PSU is being shipped out tomorrow. I provided him with a receipt from the postoffice for proof of delivery. :D


My apologies for my previous rants, I would still use Corsair for their quality products.

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