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I currently am running 6x4GB 1600mhz memory, mainly due to running VM's and video editing. I am interested in purchasing the new 8GB single DIMM's to have 8x3GB DIMMs in hopes that it will give me greater headroom to overclock my 990x by lessening the load on the IMC.


I'm new to OCing so memory timing and latency are over my head. I'm curious if because the 8GB DIMM is CAS 10 with timings of 10-10-10-27 that it will perform worse or negate the flexibility of overclocking (my current memory is CAS with timings at 9 9-9-9-27 advertised)? I am trying to weigh the pros and cons of moving to a slightly looser timing memory using only 3 DIMM slots vs. memory with tighter timing using all 6 channels. I'm also curious if the DIMM's will be compatible with my MSI Big Bang Xpower motherboard.


Any input is greatly appreciated.

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Yes they are compatible as long as your MB will support 8 gig sticks.

But be sure to buy a matched 24gig kit and not three individual sticks. The chances of all three running together are really not that great when you go about it that way.


As far as the slower timings go, for what you use your machine for you wont notice it unless you run a benchmark. Capacity is going to be more of a benefit to you over speed

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