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Hard reboot killed SSD ?


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Hi I have a Performance 3 series SSD (CSSD-P3128GB2).


For some reason there was a window freeze (black screen) so I used the hard reset switch. Folowing this event, windows was unable to boot.


* Auto repair failed


* Installing at the same partition failled (it stuck at something regarding registry)


* Booting from a linux cd allowed me to gain back some user file, some file were unreadable (error while copying, ntfs-3g)


* Formating partition (from W7 cd) then reinstalling windows failed


* Removing ssd drive, installing windows on data drive: sucess


* Adding ssd drive, then boot from data drive: fail. In safe mode, it failed when loading disk.sys. I have not tried anything hotwap yet.


* No difference while trying with sata 3g/6g


* Motherboard is asus P8P67


* Some time ago the drive disapeared from the bios, moved around sata connection then it reapeared.


* There was a frew crash before, so I lowered memory speed in bios to 1066

(Corsair XMS CMX8GX3M2A1333C9 8GBx4)


* Ordered the drive on ncix on April 30, 2011, I have the Invoice, but i'm not sure I have the original box.



I'd like to know what are my best option. There are some important file I was working when the crash happened and they were not recovered while copying from linux. However I have low hope for them considering since then I have format (quickformat I beleive?) & reinstalled windows over.

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