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BSOD and a Re-Install does Sata Control Mode Matter?


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I did a build for my brother using 2x Force 3 120GB in RAID0.


That has now failed, I'm not local to him so I cannot relate the specifics, only BSOD followed by an inability of windows to load.


Since I cannot just go over there to trouble shoot I have to abandon the RAID0 possibility as this was not the first issue I've had.


Upon walking him through the re-configuration and installation of windows I omitted to change the Sata Control Mode from RAID to either IDE or AHCI.


Would this have any impact at all on anything? Should I use the registry hack to change it to one or the other?


Should I wipe and start again? (NOT preferable)


The reason I ask is because he now cannot install iTunes, or Adobe:

"Microsoft.VC80.CRT.type="win32", version="8.0.50727.6195".publicKeyToken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b".processorArchitecture="x86"". Please refer to Help and Support for more information. HRESULT:0x80070BC9.


googling that whole thing gets nothing, and pieces of it get very random software bits which looks like the root issues resolves around VB?


1) Should I reg hack the Control Mode?

2) Anyone see that error before and have some insight?



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The error was caused by doing the installation of the aformentioned software during the downloading of Windows Updates. There is a bit of conflict over the process by which the computer checks for updates which can cause this contention.


Simply waiting until all updates complete and then installing these items sovles this issues.


I still don't know if I need to change the Sata Control Mode though? Would there be any issues leaving it as set to RAID without having any RAID installed?

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If the controller is set to RAID and you do not actively have an array configured, most of the time the system runs in AHCI mode. I have seen some machines that run in IDE mode. Either way, it will default to one of the two methods and use that.


If windows boots, then you don't need to do the registry edit. If the mode was on the wrong setting then you would not be able to boot into windows at all.


If you are just curious and want to know what mode it's running in, you can check device manager and see what the controller is identifying as. You'll see some sort of IDE mentioned or SATA/AHCI mentioned.

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