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How should i use a SSD?


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I recently got myself a Corsair Force 3 GT 120GB, and it was intended to replace my Velociraptor.

But i keep seeing threads, where they disable or move files like hibernate, pagefile, and temporary files to a mechanical drive.

The reasons the threads mention have been lesser writes and reads, to improve the lifetime on the SSD.


I am wondering if these tweaks really are significant for the lifetime?

Personally i change drives every 3-5 years, and let my brother get it if it still works.

Right now, i am being really careful with my SSD. Not installing a single game on it, all downloads to another drive.

But should i? Or is the lifetime still great, if i use it as if it just was another mechanical drive?


I've disabled hibernate.sys and pagefile.sys temporarily, because they take a total of +26 GB

(Pagefile: 1.5xRAM?, and Hibernate: 1xRAM. I have 12GB RAM)

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