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sp2500 RMA control pod issue


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Hey, Thought I would post this here see if any Corsair people could help.


Bought a SP2500 about 5 months ago. Love the product along with my pretty much full Corsair part computer. About a week ago the Control Pod started to display just blank white display on its LCD. I tried unplugging it, turning it on and off ect and I would say every 1/5 times It would work again for a couple of hours then go white and not work again.


Read on this board that this is a common issue with these speakers and people are filling a RMA and getting a new speaker pod sent out. I sent Corsair a support request and they want me to RMA and send back the speaker pod. Everyone else just got a new part sent out. Is there anyway Corsair can just send me a new Pod? I would be without sound for 2+ weeks if I sent in this control pod and that is not good.


I read something about advance replacement, where Corsair takes your credit card info and then ships the replacement part, you can swap it and send the old one back and then they refund your credit card? Do they charge the card first?


Any suggestions or can any of the nice Corsair guys on here help me?

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So I created a RMA 6 days ago and the last email i received was this.


"Please do not reply directly to this e-mail as this address is not monitored.


Corsair Technical Support has sent you a message regarding Case #2328460




Dear Valued Corsair Customer,


We apologize for any inconvenience you have encountered with your Corsair product. We have received & approved your online RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) request and will e-mail your confirmation RMA number along with return instructions within 24 hours.


If you do not receive the RMA confirmation within one business day, please contact Corsair's Customer Service Department at TF# 888-222-4346 or send an e-mail inquiry to rma@corsair.com . All e-mail inquiries should include the first and last name the RMA was requested under, telephone number and TSX Case number. NOTE** Corsair's Customer Service Department is available M-F, 8:00am - 5:00 PM PST, excluding holidays. Please allow additional response time for inquires sent over holiday's and weekends. ----------------------------------


Thank you for choosing Corsair!"


Anything you can find out what is going on with this?

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Hi Ramguy, ok it is giving me directions on how to return the pod. Like I said in the post, I wanted to make arangements to get just a new pod sent out or maybe a express RMA so I would not be without sound for two weeks. Is that possible? I have read other posts where this is a known issue with these speakers and you guys have just shipped out a new control pod.


Thanks for all your help.

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Please contact our customer service before you ship that to us, they may not not require you to send the old POD and sent a new one out right away. You can get the number under contact on the main site and our hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time Monday Through Friday Excluding holidays.
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