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Asus P6TD Deluxe - Core i7-950 & CMX12GX3M3A2000C9


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I just bought a memory upgrade kit from Corsair: CMX12GX3M3A2000C9, which is Triple Channel DDR3 for i7, 3 x 4GB = 12GB in total.


My i7-950 is specified for 3.06Ghz is working fine on my Asus P6TD Deluxe.


What are the best settings & timings for that combo?

Any expertise is highly appreciated :)


I use the latest Bios 0608.


Many thanks

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Be sure XMP is setting your voltages correctly. 1.65v for the memory and atleast 1.35v to the memory controller. (QPI/VTT). You can go as high as 1.45v QPI if need be but start low and work your way up in small incrememts if need be.

If they still will not run at 2000mhz, just back the frequency down to1866 and see if it is any better.


It's also not a bad idea to run your memory thru MEMTEST86+ (link is on the left) to be sure you dont have a stick that is failing.

Load setup defaults , disable "USB legacy support" in your BIOS and test them one at a time in the first slot. Let them each run for about 4 passes or until you get an error.

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I tried the settings you suggested:

XMP|1,66V DRAM Bus|1,35 QPI Core Voltage

I was able to start memtest, but Windows didn't start stable, it rendered bluescreens.


I set to DDR3-1866, again was able to start memtest, but Prime95x64 stopped several times. See attached screenshots for both tries.


At the moment I am runing @ DDR3-1600, Windows & Prime95 is stable, Temps are @ 83°C Max. for the Cores thanks to my Noctua CPU Cooler with two 120mm Fans and two extra 120mm chassis fans. TMonitor shows me stable Turbo Mode @ 3,2Ghz for my i7-950. Is this the max my system is able to run? To me it seems to be...



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Hi Ram Guy,


I loaded BIOS Defaults, set to XMP profile one and set memory DDR3-1720 - this was the only option between 1433 Mhz and 2006 Mhz.


This setup runs stable now for some hours. Throughput is now down from 15000MB/s to 13982MB/s and CPU is running @ 3,14Ghz without Turbo. Old max with Turbo was 3,2Ghz stable.






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