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H100 problem


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Hi all, hi Ram Guy, i need your help please.


I purchased a H100 2 months back and the first one i received was faulty and would not begin pumping, so i sent that back to Overclockers UK. I purchased a second one from them, which has been working ok for the last month, but has now since.... how shall i say it "gone a little strange".


Soon as you turn on the PC both fans begin spinning (does not matter which power plug they are plugged into), but soon as the system begins to go through the BIOS steps one of the fans stops and the pump lights will not come on (except for the person icon light) So i have tried switching round the fan power plugs in the 4 slots and found that the only 1 that stays spinning is the last plug, nearest the liquid tubes.


The other plugs do not seem to be active post bios, the pump button and the profile lights dont do anything and i have noticed that the only fan that is still functioning seems to be spinning at 3800+ rpm and its very loud, much louder than both my crossfire cards under load (Which is saying something). I did not think it was supposed to spin that fast on this cpu cooler.


Anyhow, i have tried the firmware suggestions made (at least 5-6 times now) on this post and this one http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=99361 and still nothing. No change in the h100s operation, so i dont know if the firmware has been reset or if there is a bigger problem at hand.


Also I have no idea if my current H100 had the lot code: 11359403 for the current recalls, as i dont have the box anymore. I would like to know if there is any other way of finding out what lot code mine is. I am assuming i will never know.


I am stuck, i cant afford any down time with computer being down and need to get it working ASAP or a replacement.


Trying to remain positive, hope you can help


Many thanks

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