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Force 3 BSOD Fixed I Hope !!!


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Hi all, I bought a force 3 120gb SSD and had numerous problems similar to the ones in this forum (BSOD, Freezes, Reboots, Speed issues)

I think I have the solution !

I have a Dell 1720 laptop and after reading many of the problems and Scan Int. helpdesk I did a search and found maybe a solution on the ******** forum.


I changed ACHI to ATA in the BIOS and this seems to have resolved all my problems ! and I did not have to reinstall Windows 7.


No BSOD, no Freezing, no Erratic reboots, and using Crystaldiskmark to check read write speeds much faster than before.


Im not sure whether changing ACHI to ATA is going to cause any other problems ! would appreciate any advice on this please !.


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