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H80 Fan Configuration Push Push???


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Bought a Corsair H80 and installed it on a Haf 932 case.


Case AirFlow




I did the following configuration on the fans.




The white arrows represent the air flow of the corsair fans. so the left fan intakes from the outside while the right fan intakes from the inside. So what do we call this configuration? push push?:p:


So I thought that with this configuration the amount of air that hits the radiator is twice as much and thefore keeps the radiator cooler?:confused:


what should i do? is this recommendable? or the issue here is that some air gets trapped inside the system? what if i change the top fan to take the air out instead of in. so the front fan intakes then pushes the air from the corsairs out trough the top fan????????

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Hmm, Push-Push? This configuration could be called the "Battle of the Fans", or NRZ (Net Result, Zero.)


Sorry but, that set up will not work. The warm air from the radiator must be taken away from it, not trapped in it. Turn one of the fans around, and have a Push-Pull system, that works.


So, what kind of temps did you get with this set up?

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