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Thermalright Archon is compatible with 650D?


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I have 650D with Thermalright Archon and it fits just fine. There is about 15mm between the top of the fan/heatsink and the side panel.




Because of my MB + memory combination, I had to install Archon with the fan facing the back panel, otherwise it would obstruct the first DIMM slot. So now I have Archon _pulling_ from the heatsink and into the exhaust fan (which I've replaced with a PWM Scythe)


I've also replaced the top fan with a 200mm Coolermaster and disconnected the front fan altogethr (too much noise). That and an SSD and now my system is quieter than my notebook :)


My only remaining problem with 650D is the plastic of the DVD not matching the brushed aluminium of the front panel... Any ideas anybody?

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