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Difference between Corsair 600T black and white ?


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After a little digging it's more like 20%.


Corsair 600T are 800 RPM and the fans in the new White special edition are 1000 RPM.


And Ramguy says...


When we first released the 600T some complained the cooling was not efficient enough, so the fans were changed to a higher CFM fan which is the same fans we use on the 650D. Higher CFM = Higher RPM and = More noise.



ps. Can you do me a favour and post your cooler and what temps you get in your 600t with it in my thread in the Cooling subforum pls. :) I'm upgrading to the Phenom II 1100 soon.:cool:

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I bought the 600T in late July of this year, and it has the 1000 rpm 200mm fans. I hooked the intake directly to the motherboard and it gets up to about 960-970rpm at full speed. Since the 600TM is a newer version of the 600T, I have to assume it also has the 1000rpm 200mm fans.
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