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Installed Memory 16gb and Usabled Memory 8GB


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Hi All,


I have a made desktop, here are the specifications


Motherboard >>>> Intel DH55TC

Processor >>>>>> Intel i7-870

Memory >>>>>>> 16GB Corsair .... DDR3 ..... 1333MHZ

OS >>>>>>>>>> Windows 7 x64 Ultimate


My machine was working fine and it was showing 16gb installed memory. However since couple of days when I check the RAM on My computer properties -- it shows """""Installed Memory 16gb and Usabled Memory 8GB""""""


I googled it up and there were suggestions to upgrade the BIOS .... I did that no go


there are other suggestions like reseat CPU-Memory-Heatsink and then check


before I do this just wanted to verify has any one seen this issue .....


Any suggestions on what I can try here ??




Thank you in advance

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I have the same problem I'm using tw3x4g1333c9d 2gx2 kit and cmp8gx3m2b1333c9 4gx2 kit and in windows it says 12gb installed and 8gb usable. So I'm missing 4gb.. Can it be a dual channel problem or the motherboard?

It could be that your mixing kits! Corsair does not suggest or support mixing memory because of the various issues that can come from it.


I would separate both kits. and try them on their own and see if they are recognized correctly first.


If they are recognized correctly alone but not together then it would be best to get a single matched 12 gig kit so you are guaranteed that all your modules are playing nice with each other.

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something is wrong with the memory...


I tested the 4gx2 kit with memtest86 and its all good no errors. so i went to test the other 2gx2 kit i put them in ch A Dimm 0 blue & ch B Dimm 0 blue and I got the 3 beep memory error on boot. So i just tried all the other configurations and still got the 3 beeps on booting up. So something is wrong with the 2gx2 Corsair Dominator tw3x4g1333c9d.


My configuration as of now is 4gs in ch A Dimm 0 blue & 4gs in ch B Dimm 0 blue and its working but my 2gx2 kit must have something wrong with them.

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Any current DDR3 set of modules we make will not be compatible with that MB it requires memory modules made with memory IC's that are 256M X 8 and all of the current production DDR3 memory modules we are building are made with 512m X 8 memory IC's that will not work with that old of MB sorry!
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