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Nova V32 BSOD


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I have a small HTPC using a Corsair Nova V32 as system drive.

Recently the machine crashed (for the second time) with a BSOD (stop: 0x000000F4) and while rebooting, the BIOS cannot detect the drive anymore. Instead the machine asks for a valid boot device. Soft reset doesn't help, only a complete power cycle can get the drive working again. There are no corrupted files or other errors reported from Windows. Firmware is 1.2, the device runs for ~3600 hours now (bought it in may 2011). It first crashed at ~3500 hours. I already tried another SATA port (port 0, 1, 2, ...) but that didn't help. Unfortunately there are no additional errors or warnings in the windows event log - just the crash :[pouts:


The system specs are stored in my profile.


Is there a firmware update for the drive available?

Any help appreciated!

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