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Corsair Survivor GTR 32GB - Inaccessible


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I am having a problem with my Survivor GTR, a couple of weeks ago I wasn't able to access my drive. After a few days I was again able to access the drive, so I thought nothing of it.


Over the past week I have been unable to access the drive again. When I insert it into a computer it hasn't been installed onto before I get the pop up saying it is installing the following device "XXXXXXXX U1688Controller USB Device".


In my computer it appears as a Removable Disk, but says there is no disk inserted. In Computer Management it sees the device again as a removable disk, but cannot see any partitions or the size of the device etc.


The LED on the drive is also constantly flashing when plugged into a computer


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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this is long winded but will in one go restore your stick with the correct settings, a little more space, latest firmware.




it worked ok on my laptop, the main pc wasn't to happy running it!


install it then navigate to


C:\Program Files (x86)\ITE\iT1168\DtMPTool\Sys\Bin\Formal\A1BA (if you are on 32 bit windows ignore the (x86) copy the file U168.bin from the rar file into the folder above, replace the file thats there as its outdated.


if you can get it working and press enumerate so it see's the GTR


click settings and load the surv32GTR.e68 you will find in the rar


that will contain all the settings you need to restore it to its original state with the bonus of a bit more free space.


once the settings are loaded click ok then press start, it will do its thing.


chance is the program will not see it once done as it changes it back to the correct pid. (remember, corsair want you to think its there own make, it started life as ITE and corsair flash it to corsair)


but it will work as it should, the text in red is optional so the DtMPTool can see your GTR again now its back to a corsair GTR and not an ITE device



to get round that open the folder the files install to and click into the folder DrvInst, (C:\Program Files (x86)\ITE\iT1168\DtMPTool\DrvInst) you can use infUpdate to add the vid 1B1C & pid 1A95


then the app will see the drive again. not that you should need to use it again if it rewrites the firmware.


when you replug the GTR into the pc it should now show and install as a corsair GTR, my plight can be seen in this thread http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=99111

make sure you dont edit the config as i managed to tick the wrong box and mines off for RMA :(


big thanks to Shonk for wet nursing me through a repair and restore!


(if you can't open the download you need to install winrar)

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