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AX1200 Fan at full speed


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I might as well post my problem in this tread as it covers mine.


I'm in the middle of a build, and landed on the AX1200 since I absolutely love(d) the HX620. I have yet to order most of my components, but I have a temporary system (I guess it draws about 400w).


My issue with the AX1200 is not chirping or any other electronic noise, but the fan itself. The RPM is constant, whether it's during startup or when the system is idle or stressed (Prime95, 3DMark11 etc.). I can hear the PSU fan over the stock 2600k fan, the Radeon HD 5770 and three stock chassis fans in any case. The temperature in my study has even dropped! If i stop the fan with a q-tip the room is near silent. Yesterday I took the PSU out of the tower, placed it on the desk and started it without the computer. The results were the same, with constant high RPM.


The drone is quite bothersome, and I have to ask if this is normal.

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"Please use the link on the left and request an RMA and we can replace it or see if the reseller can replace it for you. "


I have been through that right now. I sent my first AX1200 back a wek ago and got a replacement which also gives this constant droning. I have a water-cooled PC and the PSU is by far the loudest part. What am I to do now ;-)



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