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Broken Foot Obsidian 800D


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Hey guys,


So the other day I was taking my computer home from a LAN and when I went to pick it up, I noticed that the front foot of the case was sticking out from underneath the case. I picked it up and sure enough, the foot wasn't even attached. It looks like whatever fasteners they used to connect it simply failed.


I have already filled out an RMA request and they say the form says they will get back to me in a maximum of 24 hours, and it has been longer than that.


Any advice on what steps to take now?

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You may be able to fix the foot? Vibration can cause screws that are not tightened enough to eventually come entirely loose. I've had it happen on the front foot of my 700D, since my pump sits directly above it inside the case.


I took a flat screwdriver and carefully peeled the rubber feet out, then tightened up the screws - it was just a single case screw on each side if I remember correctly. Job done.


If it is actually broken instead of loose, wait another 24 hours for a reply here or via the RMA/Email before resubmitting the RMA, or post on the Customer Care forum.

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