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Bad H100's and H80's


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Last week Friday I purchased a Corsair Hydro Series H100 CPU water cooling kit through a reseller in South Africa.


Before completely installing the whole unit I decided to test it by connecting it to a spare molex connector from my Corsair HX750W PSU and the 3 pin (1 wire) fan RPM header to a spare connector on my motherboard. I then connected one of the supplied fans to the fan controller/waterblock's fan connector.


Thereafter I powered up my machine. I could gently hear the pump start and appears to run the way it should.


The issue that I have is that NO lights light up on the fan controller/waterblock whatsoever - despite me pressing the button on it multiple times or even when holding it in for 5, 10 or 15 seconds. Another issue is that the fan connected to it also does NOT start up. When connecting the fan directly the the motherboard header I used, the fan works - thus I am sure it is not the fan, nor the header on my motherboard. Since the pump also starts up, we can conclude it is not my PSU or molex connector that is the cause.


In the meantime I logged a support ticket and was requested to action the following steps:


1. While the computer is running, hold down the profile button for approximately five seconds - DONE

2. Wait one minute, while the unit continues to run - DONE

3. Shut down your computer - DONE

4. Press and hold the profile button for five seconds while turning on the power to your computer. - DONE, HOWEVER NOTHING APPEARED TO HAPPEN AFTER I HELD IN THE BOTTON FOR 5 SECONDS THEN RELEASED IT. SHOULD IT or I HAVE DONE SOMETHING AFTER THIS?


I am awaiting further feedback from the support team.


I have done some deeper investigations today and noticed that a lot of people are experiencing similar or slightly different issues with the H100 and H80 kits - even those that are NOT part of the reported faulty batch/lot code 11359403. The faults range from:


• Unable to switch the built-in fan controller’s speed profiles

• Fans connected to this built-in fan controller do not work at all - fans don't start up at all

• Light on the waterblock/pump unit does not work

• Erratic fan behaviour - fans speed up and down while connected to the built-in fan controller

• The plastic cover on the waterblock/pump unit eventually falls off. From what I have read this is due to poor sticky-tape. Just as I put my unit back in its packaging - guess what - my plastic cover came off too


This clearly shows that there should be a larger cause of concern as more than one model is affected (H80 & H100). These issues are NOT just isolated to batch/lot code 11359403 (mine is 11289403). What about the plastic covers that are coming loose & different fan controller related issues?


I think Corsair needs to investigate a little deeper to confirm and publish ALL units that are affected for these various issues (fan controllers, loose plastic covers, no working lights etc) and advise a way forward.


I am also concerned as I am based in South Africa. The distributor may only carry swap-out stock from these affected units which complicates matters even more for me.

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Finally got my replacement H100! :D


My initial unit had a batch/lot code of 11289403 and had fan controller issues.


The "supposed" problematic fan controllers came from batch/lot code 11359403 "only" (don't think so though).


My replacement unit has a batch/lot code of 11389403 - guys, please hold thumbs that this boy is the one to work its magic...

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I am sure you wont have any problems but please let me know if you do!


Sad enough I have other problems with the newer unit too.


At least now this one's waterblock/pump light turns on and the fans connected to its built-in fan controller starts


However, the fan profile control button does not switch the fans speed as it should. Furthermore, the fan's spin up to their maximum speed, then stays there for 10 seconds or so, then stops for 10 seconds. Thereafter the start and stop cycle begins again and so forth. Start for 10 sec > stops for 10 sec > starts for 10 sec > stops for 10 seconds etc.


The pattern does not change no matter which profile level the fan controller is set to. Resetting the unit's firmware does not resolve the issue. Changing the fans to different type/make does not resolve the issue.


CorsairGeorge over at OVERCLOCK.NET noticed my 2nd disappointment/issue and asked that I email him (which I did). He requested that I send him my details (which I did too). Just waiting on him for further feedback...

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Im kind of curious what motherboard you have. Could it be your mobo hates it and is trying to start/stop the cooler thinking its not working or something? Or maybe some fan controller software that came with a mobo?


Nope. Nothing to do with ANY motherboards. I have even hooked up the H100 kit outside my chassis not connected to my motherboard/computer whatsoever.


These H80/100s are know for their built-in fan controller issues.

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