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Hydro H60 Yahoo!


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I'm so impressed with this cooler! Phenom 980 OC 4000Mhz with idle spd at 38c and fully loaded at 48c!


Now I need your experience with keeping the GPU cool. Now that the single fan and radiator are on the back of the case (mid-size) the air flow in the case is much less and temps on the GeForce GTX 460 1GB GDDR5 have just jumped to 82c when maxed out during gaming. Idle drops to 54c.


Can I remove the stock fan for the H60 and replace it with the Ultra ULT40135 Performance 120mm Case Fan? That's the case fan I've been using with the stock cooler for the processor.


Need to drop those loaded temps on the GPU to the mid 60c temps if possible.


Thanks for your help. :eyebuldge

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