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H100 Fans Not Responding To Profile Change


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Hi all,


I am having the problem described in THISthread here. An except..


We have identified an issue with some of the components included in a small number of H100 units with lot code 11359403 only. You can find your lot code on the printed label on your H100 box. If you have this lot code, test your installed unit while the system is running by pressing the profile change button. If you push the profile button on the top of the cooling unit and the indicator lights change, but the fan noise remains the same, we recommend contacting Corsair technical support at ramguy@corsair.com to arrange for some replacement parts that will correct this problem.


My unit number is part of the affected code (11359403) and like it says.. the fans are "stuck" in BALANCED mode. (2000RPM). They never spool down or speed up no matter what. Now, 2000rpm's isn't bad from a performance/noise perspective but I would like access to the full range of capabilities I payed for.


I have followed the directions indicated in the aforementioned thread and I have contacted RAMGUY and I was impressed with the speediness of his response. He has forwarded me to JackFlash and I await his response.


I will keep this thread updated with progress made in my case and my ratings about the H100 product and customer service I receive.




Product - (Seems to be a great product and I just got a lame duck.)

Customer Service - (Very good so far.)




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