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Do I need a firmware update?


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I've recently joined, I've recently upgraded my system and have a CORSAIR force series sata 3 as my boot drive. I just put it in GA-Z68A-D3-B3, I did nothing to the drive

made sure the bios was set to ACHI and it was there in bios, I had all my other drives still in the machine they are all named, windows loaded very quickly, this board I needed the cd to install,because win 7 didn't have all drivers for the board. When I checked the disks in windows, the SSD was partitioned 100 mb system reserved the rest win 7 64 bit

The issue I have had is when the internet explorer crashed I couldn't use the alt key +f4 to close or ctrl alt delete. I had to shut off with the power button. When it was switched

on again the drive wasn't showing in the bios. I switched off then on again and it was fine. This has happened 3 times. This is a reply to dudlashmiga to help in some way.

My sons both told me the drive might need a firmware update.


My CORSAIR is 113702280 this number is above this CSSD-F120GB3-BK is there an update for this particular drive. If this part of my message is in the wrong place can a moderator please put me right.

Thank you for any help.

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