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Regarding the fan controller. (600TM)


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Last week I made a new build using a 600TM. However, one problem I seemed to have was that I had a very difficult time trying to get a DVD drive in the top 5.25 slot. It seems as if the wires from the fan controller actually get in the path of the drive and I'm not able to get it in without significant influence. Needless to say I didn't want to risk damaging the wires so I settled for the slot below.


Now I've seen other people's builds with the drive in the top bay, seemingly without issue, so I'm not sure if this is a legitimate concern or not. Thanks in advance.


EDIT: Strange censor we got around here.

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NP and please take a picture if you can and provide the lot number of the case should be in the BOX it came in where the bar code label was.

A day too late unfortunately. The box was thrown out yesterday by my parents without my knowing. I have not checked out my situation yet but I know the wires are not easily manipulated, which is why I hesitated in moving them at first. I'll edit/make a new post if I have an update.




I have to apologize for failing to clarify that the meddlesome cables were in fact for the front panel USB 2.0 slots, not the fan controller. I managed to push my drive in with the help of my other hand holding the cables up. Regardless, it seemed like an unnecessary hassle. Otherwise I'm absolutely satisfied with the product. Here are a couple of photos of the inconvenience.

Photo 1

Photo 2

There is some slack in the cable but it makes an obstruction even when taut, unless you physically push the cable up to the ceiling.

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Alright these are the best 2 shots I could come up with. It turns out it wasn't the fan controller cords, but the front USB cords that are blocking the top drive bay. I could probably press them up to insert a drive there if I needed to, but I don't, so I won't :D:


edit: I'll post the lot number or whatever it's called tomorrow. When I was cutting off the requirements for the mail-in-rebate, I cut off the barcode and brought it in to work, only to realize it wasn't part of the mail-in-rebate, so, it's at work.



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Hmm. My barcode label is different that Vaari's.


Mine says: ITEM 11-139-003





PO: 2045362

Barcode is *0ZZ0O6OOO1RT5K*

Pretty impossible to tell if those 0s are supposed to be Os, and vice versa. But the first 2 are different than the rest.


Let me know if that's not what you needed Ramguy, and I'll double check the box for more barcodes tonight. Seems like I mailed what Vaari posted a pic of for my mail-in-rebate, but I'll check.

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