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RMA update and turnaround time


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I've send my psu last week on Monday to the corsair department in The Netherlands. My package arrived there early in the morning the next day (I live in the same country, so fast shipping).

Now my RMA status has not been updated yet, only that they received it. I've send a msg to the costumer support last Friday to get an update on my case, but they haven't responded (yet?).

It's been 5 business day that you guys have my psu, i was expecting a bit faster turnaround. Especially since i live in the same country as your hub. It sucks to be without a pc for over a week. Now i understand stuff doesn't always go as it should, but then an update would be nice. Imo still lots to improve on the RMA process if i read/see other forums topics here.


Now I'd still like to get an update on my case.

I won't call your USA number due to costs and no i can't skype from this PC.





RMA Status for TSX Case #2290941 [ Go to your case ]


Thank you for choosing Corsair products! The following is the status of your RMA Number 1257111.

RMA Issued On: 9/27/2011

Defective Parts Received on: 10/4/2011

* NOTE: it may take up to 24 hours for this date to be updated after arrival at Corsair

Part Number Received: N/A

Quantity Received: N/A

RMA Replacement Parts Ship Date: N/A

Replacement Part Number: N/A

Replacement Part Quantity: N/A

Replacement Shipping Method: N/A

Replacement Shipping Tracking Number: N/A

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I am sorry but you would want to speak with our customer service and they do not monitor the forum but I have sent them a message to check that and contact you, most likely it has been processed and is just not updated in the system but customer service will know more about your case.
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