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TR3X6G1600C8D Unstable at 1600 MHz


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I have the following setup:


Intel W3520 @ 4ghz rock solid

Asus Rampage 2 Extreme

Corsair TR3X6G1600C8D 6gh kit

2x 5870 CF

Corsair HX1000

Intel x25 80gb

Windows 7 x64


Im having an unstable machine these days. For some time i've been suspecting the Crossfire setup, so i've been running the machine with one card, no difference.


Im experiencing random BSOD's in windows(memory management, dx9 and so on)

Memtest completes the tests with no errors.

I've been running the kit at stock spd timings at 1600mhz.


The last two days i've been running the machine with stock bios, no overclock and the machine is rock stable.

I've read several places on the net that people are having problems runnings this kit at 1600mhz and the rated timings.


Right now cpu-z reports:

Dram Frequency: 642.0Mhz

FSB:Dram: 2:8

Cas: 8

Ras to Cas: 8

Ras: 8

Cycle time: 20

Row Refresh: 59

CR: 1T


Is there anything i can try here?

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I've tested the modules @1600mhz unclocked and clocked, no difference, memtest does'nt give any errors. But the machine is unstable. And default bios, no clock and ram settings as bios wants it, the machine is stable.


But then the sticks aren't running at 1600mhz.

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what does "@1600mhz unclocked and clocked" mean? anything over 1333 is overclocking.

if the ram passes memtest at 1600 then you have a non ram related problem.

most likely the cpu is my guess. also make sure you are set to 2t in the timings even though it passed memtest at 1600.

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Ok, based on the CPU-Z data above, the ram no operates at 642mhz witch is 1284.

It should be running at 800mhz = 1600mhz, but then the machine is unstable.


I meant i've tested the ram at cpu default speed with the mem at 1600mhz, and the cpu at 4ghz with the mem at 1600mhz.


This is a difficult problem to solve. The cpu is stable in prime, the mem is stable in memtest. But when the cpu is clocked and stable with the mem at 1600mhz, the machine is unstable. Maybe the mem isn't reciving enought volts?

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