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Extra heat exchanger = awesome


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Hi guys, Just the other day I got my GeForce 6800 Ultra from BFG, clocked at 470/1100 as opposed to 400/1100 on regular 6800 Ultra cards. I knew it'd be a stretch to let just my Hydrocool do the cooling job, so I bought a DangerDen copper heater core. And man does it rock. With just the CPU being watercooled, adding the heater core dropped the Hydrocool thermistor reading from 28-29 down to the 24-25 region....that's like a 4C drop! And that with ambient temps of about 23-24, that's like a 1C increase in water temperature!!! Adding the monster 6800 Ultra to the loop merely brought the Hydrocool temperature reading up to about 28 -30 degrees! The on-die reading on my 6800 Ultra showed about 40C when idle and about 42C when working it. And I believe it too; touching the back of the card when benchmarks and stuff are running it's only slightly warm :bigeyes: 3Dmark2001 scores about 27000 3Dmark03 scores about 13500 Needless to say, those who want to GREATLY increase the cooling performance of their hydrocool systems can look to adding an extra heat exchanger to the system! And it only cost me about 50 bucks for the HX + Shroud + Fan
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