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1.3.2 results


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The results for me were simple terrible, to be clear.


I just rollbacked back to 1.3 firmware, because after updating to 1.3.2 my system started having windows BSOD with stop error 0x000000F4 and the drive disappearing from the system "every" 30 minutes, no matter what i were doing on my computer, i could almost say, sometimes it happened even in 5 minutes post windows had started.


I wasn't even sure if i would had enough time to rollback the firmware again, but seens i've managed to do it.


I am having BSOD's in 3 computers at my home w/ this same drive, since i have bought then, i would like to maybe see corsair or some firmware developer getting a little near the customers to maybe track down the most common issues like this one.


I am not saying that Corsair is the one behind all these issues, but lets face the reality, corsair sold us the drives, so they must support it properly, just replacing the unit by another one with the same issue wont help in anything.


Yes, before someone ask for me, all the 3 computers have trim properly disabled, and the BSOD's still happens from time to time, no marvel controllers at all, they are just ICH9 and ICH10 on these computers, running in AHCI Mode (Already Tried IDE or RAID) and the same issues keep happening.



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