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I just bought the Corsair GS700 PSU today and I have it installed. It comes on and the lights work but that's about it. The unit does not provide a power cable for the 4 pin connector on my motherboard. Not the main MB connector. That fits fine with all 24 pins, even the detachable one. It's a seperate connection in the center of the MB. It has 4 pins and is labled ATX-CPU. My old PSU (BFG 550 GX) had this connector alone on a seperate cable directly from the power supply. I think this Corsair has the cable that is meant to go there but it is a 6 pin connection. The BFG 550 was ATX 12v2.2 and this new Corsair said it was backwardly compatible. Can anyone suggest what I should do?
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There's a cable from your GS700 for that four pin CPU power plug on your mother board. The connector on the cable has eight pins, but can be split into two four pin plugs for compatibility with boards that use a four pin connector. Other boards use the full eight pin connector.


You can see it in the pictures in this review of the GS700:




The plug is shown in picture B, and described below the pics.


You must be confused about the marking of that plug on your board, the main 24 pin cable is the ATX cable, the four or eight pin cable is the EPS cable. You can use either of the four pin plugs on the cable to connect to your board. Isn't this cable described in the manual with your PS?


The six pin cable is for a separate video card, and should not be used for power to the mother board.

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