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Hi guys, can one of you give me a bit of advice, Ive just bought a new pc with windows installed on the SSD (corsair force gt 120 Gb) and I seem to be reading and hearing conflicting advice that makes me paranoid to install anything on it.

Some ppl are saying 'Only install windows on it, others are saying 'you cant keep installing things and uninstalling them or downloading stuff and deleating it after as it will wear the drive out ive read on the internet yesterday some guy saying that putting to musch stuff on the drive will really slow it down....Im scared to do anything with it incase it slows down or wears out :sigh!:

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Yeah I guess there are quite a lot of rumors floating around ^^


Basically, though, SSD are DESIGNED to be a direct and complete replacement for regular HDDs. As such, they're designed for not requiring any special treatment versus HDDs.


With that said, the underlying storage technology of SSDs (namely, the NAND) have a finite number of writes they can sustain before they become readonly, requiring purchase of a new SSD to replace it.


The problem is that the consumer SSDs on the market is such a new technology that simply no one knows how much strain you actually can put on an SSD before it becomes readonly because no one has owned a disk for that long. The natural response: fear destroying the drive.


Very recent testing does show that on any contemporary SSD on the market, you'll need to write ~300GB PER DAY for 5 YEARS IN A ROW* (warrenty period for some companies) to burn out the NAND. Regular desktop users (like myself) don't even write 10GB per day. (do the math and find out if it'll outlast YOU :sunglasse)


Now, with that established, there's no justifiable need to tweak your system to avoid any 'unnecessary' writes to your SSD. Your computer, your car, the SSD technology, etc. will be obsolete waaaay before you'll see a drive that reaches readonly state from regular use.


Go ahead and check out the tweaks. There are tons. Just remember, if you're doing them to save your SSD from writes, it's not worth the time! If you're doing them to save space for your favorite games/apps, you're doing something worthwhile.


There is ONE thing though: Like with regular HDDs, SSDs slow down considerably if you fill them up all the way with data. Keep ~25% free space on it and you can be sure you're getting the performance you paid for.



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